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Scott & Angell Slucher
Angell and Scott at the Thomas Knob Shelter on the Appalachian Trail, near Mt. Rogers

Hi there. My name is Scott Slucher, and my wife Angell and I started this blog to share our love for the outdoors with you. We married way back in 1991, and as we’ve raised three daughters, we’ve tried to get away to hike and camp as much as our busy schedules allow.

Now that our kids are nearly grown, we look forward to having time alone together to explore new places and complete a through-hike of the Appalachian Trail. I started backpacking in the late 70s, when my Dad took me on trips with him and the local Sierra Club chapter. Though Angell has hiked with me since we started dating, she’d only gone on a few backpacking trips until recently, when she got the bug.

Slucherville is wherever Angell and I happen to be pitching our tent, so join us as we explore the hills and valleys of our native Kentucky, as we prepare to spread our wings and head out to the bigger trails of the Appalachians, Rockies and beyond. Follow us here and on our YouTube channel, where we post new videos as often as we can.

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Troy HarveyTroy Harvey is a software engineer from Kentucky where he lives with his wife Abby and three children - Anna, Celia, and Noble. Wanderlust took hold of Troy as a freshman in high school when he visited Buenos Aires for the first time. Ten years later he returned to Argentina with Abby to live there for a year while she taught English. They have traveled to 10 different countries together - most recently Cuba. Now they plan to explore more of the beauty of the U.S. with their children.

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