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Trail Guide: Seaton Valley Trail at Turkey Run Park

Floyds Fork, along the Seaton Valley Trail

Seaton Valley Trail descriptionThis week we’re kicking off a series of trail guides in Louisville’s Turkey Run Park, part of the Parklands of Floyds Fork, where you’ll find the best opportunities for creating longer hikes by stringing together multiple trails. The Seaton Valley Trail is a great introduction to this section of the Parklands.

As you enter Turkey Run Park from Seatonville Road, the trailhead parking lot is to your right, just after you enter the park. The trailhead itself is located by the kiosk/bathrooms, just off the Louisville Loop. Like many of the trails in the Parklands of Floyds Fork, the Seaton Valley Trail, which is only one mile in length, is end-to-end but can easily be turned into a loop by incorporating the Louisville Loop.

Seaton Valley Trail in the Parklands of Floyds Fork
Typical views along the Seaton Valley Trail

The flat, dirt trail is notable for many towering sycamore trees that line the banks of Floyds Fork, which will be to your right for most of the hike. To your left, you’ll hundreds of freshly planted trees, representing a variety of native species. I won’t live to see it, but the flatlands of Seaton Valley will one day be a magnificent forest my grandchildren and their kids might enjoy.

Along the way, there are opportunities to get down on the banks of Floyds Fork and enjoy the spidery roots of the sycamores, which make for nice seats. If there weather’s nice, this is a great spot for a picnic.

At about 0.8 miles, the trail turns away from Floyds Fork and circles around to the Louisville Loop at the bottom of the big hill that takes you up to the Boulder Pond and Sky Meadows. At one mile, you’ll join the Louisville Loop and turn left to walk 0.85 miles back to the parking lot.

This is an easy trail, great for families with small children. Be careful on the trail because it is shared between hikers and cyclists, as is the Louisville Loop. Allow 35-45 minutes to hike the trail at a steady pace, which also allows for making a side-trip to enjoy Floyds Fork.

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Getting there – from the Gene Snyder Freeway (I-265)

  • From the Gene Snyder Freeway, take exit 19 for Billtown Road and head east.
  • Stay on Billtown Road for 0.8 miles, until you reach a “T” intersection
  • Turn left on Seatonville Road and drive 1.5 miles until you reach Turkey Run Park
  • Turn right into Turkey Run Park
  • About 0.1 miles, turn right into the parking area for the Seaton Valley Trailhead